Deuterus Prod. was created in late 2017 by myself and Lucas Simone. With the aid of our then Executive Producer, Mercedes Herrán, we established Deuterus as both a provider of audio and music services, and an online platform for our own artistic output.

Since 2020, after Lucas and Mercedes went on to pursue other career interests, I have continued on this path, aided by Cleyra Uzcátegui who took on the role of Communications Executive.

I am proud to say that, since its creation, Deuterus Prod. has, and continues to give birth to original, good-quality sound art and music. It has also enabled me to work with (and learn from) talented musicians, composers, song-writers, voice-over actors, film-makers and podcast-producers from all around the world; including from Argentina, Indonesia, the United Kingdom, Spain, Venezuela and France.

I do hope you enjoy visiting this website where you will find examples of work done since 2017. If you like what you hear and see, please subscribe to Deuterus’ YouTube channel, Facebook and Instagram.

If you require any of the services provided, please write to deuterusprod@gmail.com and I will write back asap!

Hilario Flores-Coni
Artistic Director

Artistic Director

Communications Executive

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