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Anak Juggler

Anak Juggler is a music piece and performance written and conducted by composer Wayra Inti and produced in collaboration with the Narwastu Art Community in Bali, Indonesia, 2019. The music


A project by Deuterus Prod. comprising six poems by Spanish writer Miguel de Unamuno, recited by Paola Guerra-Librero Calvo. Poems selected and recited by: Paola Guerra-Librero CalvoSound design and music


A series of short messages created to be used on social networks. Created and produced by: Deuterus Prod.Script, photography and performance: Lucas Simone and Hilario Flores-ConiEdited by: Lucas SimoneMusic composed

House in Baralla

A short film about a house’s design in Baralla, Spain.The music composition elements directly relate to the building’smaterials and its changing structure within. (Trailer) Directed and Produced by: Sebastián PasquetArchitect:

Api Sakral

“Api Sakral” (studio version) is a music piece by Wayra Inti written for Balinese Gamelan Ensemble and live electroacoustics. Recorded in Bali, Indonesia and produced in Glasgow, Scotland, “Api Sakral”


A short documentary about the reconstruction and architectural refurbishing of the San Clodio Abbey in Galicia, Spain. The original music composed for this film reflects both the old and modern


A project made of short image-and-sound excerpts, where an apparently motionless world meets that of perceptible subtle movement.  Created and produced by: Deuterus Prod.Music and Photography: Hilario Flores-Coni and Lucas


A short film by Sebastián Pasquet reflecting on the topic of Romanesque architecture found within the silence of Cataluñan landscape in Spain. (Trailer) Directed and Produced by: Sebastián PasquetNarrated by:

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